IT & Carbon Impact

Choose a strong partner to combine your IT infrastructure security, durability and competitiveness with your organization's environmental objectives.


Why Integrating Energy Management  within Your IT Governance?

To effectively support business and match Corporate sustainability objectives, you need to interface Energy Performance tools to your existing IT ecosystem.

Secure, Easy to Deploy and Sustainable Energy Solutions

Integrate the same software suite for all your sites: offices, storage and plants.

By standardizing the tools, reduce your integration efforts and guarantee compliance.

Efficient Roll-Out

METRON's solutions and support ensure rapid multi-site deployment, reliable data visualization, and team commitment.

  • Architecture easily integrated to any existing tool.
  • Technical scalability, from POC to multi-site deployment.
  • International multi-cloud / regional hosting network.
  • Recognized expertise in digitalization.
  • Scalability of teams, thanks to a catalog of services and training, delivered by local teams around the world.

Cost Excellence

The METRON platform, deployed on all your sites, adapts to the digital and energy maturity of each one, and supports them in their progress. 

  • No global digitalization of the sites required.
  • Progressive financial commitment in line with your changing needs.
  • Transparent and controlled planning of the tool's implementation and operating costs.

IT Compliance

METRON suits your ecosystem requirements and your security standards.

  • Natively secured infrastructure.
  • AZURE / AWS / public cloud compatibility.
  • Interface with existing IoT respecting IT group standards.

Environmental Commitment

  • Impactful technology roll-out to take part in your group's environmental commitment.

  • Disseminate a technological culture to support decarbonation.

Discover METRON for Multisite Groups

Corporate carbon impact and energy efficiency monitoring are now natively linking on site energy optimization:

  • One unique tool for all your teams.
  • Standardization of practices.
  • Still the most advanced energy optimization capabilities.
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