360° Piloting of Your Performance

Gain in performance and speed of execution thanks to a complete visualization in real time of all your energy data, optimization and advanced simulation modules, and collaborative work spaces.


Facility & Energy Manager, Your Challenges

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Collect and visualize all energy data.

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Analyze and optimize energy flows on a daily basis.

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Identify and deploy new energy efficiency projects.

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Manage and measure overall and unit performance.

Energy Management: Analyze and Measure to Commit

The visualization and analysis of large amounts of energy data has become a key issue for identifying, prioritizing and planning new energy performance projects. The business challenge lies in the ability to engage operational teams, to share cost, consumption and carbon emission reduction objectives and KPIs, and to spread a global energy performance culture.

Collect and Visualize

Access all of your contextualized, reliable energy data in real time to put your energy management under control. 

  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Visualization of overall or unit energy costs.
  • Measurement of objectives and KPIs achieved: costs, consumption and CO2 emissions avoided.

Continous Analysis and Optimization

Digital technology increases your analysis capabilities, in terms of frequency and depth of calculation: you act faster, more precisely and on a daily basis, and gain in energy performance.

  • Reference models (baseline).
  • Real-time detection of anomalies, leaks or drifts.
  • Collaborative tool with production teams.
  • Share analyses, objectives and KPIs with each operator.

Identify and Seize New Opportunities

Digital technology allows you to explore your data in a prospective way to predict consumption or behavior, test hypotheses and compare potential solutions to choose the most relevant one.

  • Predictive models.
  • Simulations (energy flows, processes or equipment).
  • Data science laboratory for data mining.

Monitoring and Measuring Performance

Project monitoring is an important part of change management and continuous optimization. Your energy intelligence platform must facilitate your reporting and project management.

  • ISO 50001 monitoring space.
  • Monitoring of your Energy Performance Contract (EPC).
  • Integration of an external partner, such as a facility manager.

Discover METRON Energy Management & Optimization

Equip each of your sites with the METRON platform and give them the power to visualize and manage their daily carbon impact.

Your operational teams optimize concretely and continuously the energy flows of the process and assets, and reduce costs while respecting their production and quality constraints.

Our Main Fields of Application

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. We are constantly working  with our customers to build together new analysis and specific industrial optimizations to fully exploit the potential of METRON's Operational Energy Management Software.

Carbon Impact Monitoring

Manage your site carbon footprint with an in-depth analysis of your cost and procurement.

Energy Forecasting & Budgeting

Leverage our powerful modeling tool to anticipate your plant production and consumption based forecast model.

Energy Efficiency Optimisation

Identify specific optimization for your site baseload, asset sequencing, process and influence parameters management and detect potential savings opportunities.

Energy Management

METRON Energy Management & Optimization facilitates your energy performance monitoring and simplifies the reporting of your energy commitments in compliance with ISO 50001 norm and other standards.

Demand Side Management

Identify inherent energy market opportunities, optimize sequencing of your assets and enhance the energy mix of your sites to minimize your consumption costs at iso-production.