Energy for Agile Manufacturing

The respect of production and quality commitments are sometimes considered incompatible with the ecological transition challenges.

The agility and the great capacity of analysis of digital technology is a game-changer and demonstrates that energy optimization also becomes an ally of industrial processes optimization.

Energy, the Pulse of Your Plants

Digitalization, Data Science and energy expertise applied to  your processes allows you to explore in depth all the correlations and influencing parameters between your energy flows, and your equipment and production.

Power plant worker in industry

Why Digitalizing Your Energy Management?

The energy optimization of an industrial site must on the one hand respect all the operational constraints, and on the other hand bring answers to optimize the processes, the associated resources and the performance of the equipment: digital is the key.

Manufacturing Trends


Smart Factory

Digitalize operational processes to constantly adapt to changing patterns.


Augmented Workforce

Facilitate operations anywhere,  augment decision making through accurate data and live monitoring.


Carbon Impact

Visualize and reduce the environmental impact of the production.

Operational Data, the Foundation for Optimization

Adopt METRON solutions to concretely reduce your energy costs, optimize your consumption and mix, engage your teams and fully participate in the decarbonization ambition of your organization.

Energy Transparent Factory

Identify all optimization opportunities and measure your teams achievements:

  • Limit excessive quality costs.
  • Detect drifts and avoid energy losses.
  • Reduce wastes and/or scrapp.
  • Fix and measure operational objectives.
Energy Manager in Industry

Augmented Decision-Makers

Wider the scope of action of operational workforce delivering in-depth analysis and insights, and spreading a global energy culture:

  • Activate human/machine interface.
  • Strengthen individual role within the company.
  • Enhance decision making with real time operational insight.
Augmented Energy Manager with METRON

Production Impact Monitoring

Measure and monitor your sites achievements  in terms of carbon footprint reduction and take part to the company ambition:

  • Consolidate impact KPIs.
  • Benchmark sites performances.
  • Identify and replicate best practices.

Discover METRON for Multisite Groups

Corporate carbon impact and energy efficiency monitoring are now natively linking on site energy optimization:

  • One unique tool for all your teams.
  • Standardization of practices.
  • Still the most advanced energy optimization capabilities.
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