Control Your Energy Cost Management Right from the Purchasing Process

To optimize your energy costs from the start, better prepare your call for tenders:

  • Knowledge of your consumption site by site.
  • Globalization of profiles.

Automate the comparison of offers from potential energy suppliers on own consumption.

Follow the execution of your energy contracts:

  • Integrate your invoices directly into your platform.
  • Monitor your invoices: follow up on contract execution, taxes and delivery.
  • Receive support when deciding on your position in the markets* and in the tracking of clicks.

Finally, manage energy purchasing groups for third parties via the integration of the consumption history.

*Available for Benelux, Germany and France.

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Manage Your Energy Budgets

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Anticipate your invoices with a global estimate and a breakdown by cost center.

Automate your energy budget monitoring and obtain a forecast by site and by month.

Monitor your return on investment (ROI) and control the budget landing:

  • Track your work and its impact on your energy performance.
  • Energy Performance Contracting (based on the IPMVP standard).
  • Financial arbitration between your different renewable energy sources.

Manage tenant rebilling.

Thanks to the Aggregation of All These Data, Obtain a Multi-Site View of Energy Costs:

  • Monitor the budgets devoted to your different resources (water, electricity, gas, renewable energy, etc.)

  • Compare historical and multi-site results with your objectives.

Reduce Energy Costs in the Technical Process

  • Optimize your power consumption.
  • Monitor your reactive energy consumption.
  • Demand side management: response to network disconnection requests.

Want to learn more about Demand Side Management? Click here to download our Demand Side Management e-book!

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Simplify the Entire Tenant Billing Process

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Calculation of your tenant invoices: creation and sending to the tenant or accounting system.

Multi-criteria allocation and invoicing:

  • Real distribution (based on real or virtual consumption, annualization of the distribution of consumption).
  • Free, personalized and customizable distribution keys.

Management of rental contracts:

  • Access to the platform for tenants with automatic management of access rights.
  • Historical and multi-user management of energy supply on the same asset.

Track the Financial Impact of Your Production on Energy Costs

  • Monitor the efficiency of cogeneration and photovoltaic systems.
  • Follow the energy cost of production by time slot.


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