Public markets

Meeting the challenge of the energy transition

At a local level, public organizations now have powerful levers of action to be the leading actors of tomorrow’s energy transition.

Energy is part of several competencies ensured by public authorities, such as buildings and equipment through consumption monitoring, energy optimization and urban policy.

Public organizations also have a key role in terms of communication, raising awareness and local strategy development.


simplify the energy management system with one solution

use case aéroport lyon saint exupéry i france

analysis of more than 210 million of data a year

METRON provides Aéroport Lyon Saint-Exupéry with its solution for the consumption follow-up of more than 4,000 installed meters on the airport’s site.

Our solution ensures coordination between remote data reading and rental leases, allowing for an automated re-invoicing of energy consumption to all different subtenants within the terminals.

This solution of supervision and energy (electricity, water, gas) optimization provides among others:

  • A deep and structured understanding of energy invoicing on site.
  • A simplified management of most energy supply contracts and invoicing monitoring.
  • A multi-means data acquisition.
  • A re-invoicing management module.
  • A follow-up consumption in real time.
  • A detection of anomalies.

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