We provide you a transversal, international and multisite operational platform where you can integrate GHG emissions and ESG criteria data into your reporting. Thus, you can follow your zero carbon strategy on a daily basis and in the long term.

Why Is Carbon Impact Tracking So Important?

  • Why track your carbon impact ?

  • What are the risk factors ?

  • How do you respond to those risks ?

We believe that the legislations on carbon emissions should be seen as an opportunity. They are an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other players in the market, and to become a pioneer in the fight to reduce your carbon impact.

That's why we have developed our expertise in tracking your carbon impact.

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Our Expertise in Sustainability Will Help You Track Your Carbon Impact

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Scopes 1 & 2

  • Follow-up all your energy data from the scopes 1&2.
  • We are working on providing more visibility on scope 3.

Want to learn more about scopes 1 & 2? Read our article THE KEYS FOR A DECARBONIZATION ROADMAP: SCOPES AND ACTION LEVERS.


Emissions Trading System (ETS)

Carry out the real time operational monitoring and follow-up of your CO2 fluxes to get support in your economical estimates.

According to the European legislation, you will be able to communicate this data to the competent authorities through certified external companies.

Discover all our expertise to improve your energy & carbon performances.

Do You Want to Take Your Carbon Impact Tracking to the Next Level with the METRON Solution?