The digitalization of energy is the essential step towards your energy transition.

Put your global energy consumption and carbon impact under control.

Hospitality, Leisure, Real Estate, Retail, Supermarkets…:

  • Visualize in real-time the consumption of all your sites (warehouses, shops, offices, real estate…)
  • Optimize your sites that are the most energy-consuming
  • Get the best of both worlds: reduce your costs without compromising your customer experience
Woman Energy Manager Industry
Metron Dashboard

Monitor the energy performance of all your organization:

Manage Your Entire Organization from One Digital Platform

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Centralize your carbon data, monitor your progress and follow-up on your net-zero strategy.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Identify and prioritize potential energy gain without compromising your customer experience.

Lead Project to Term

Set up your KPIs, benchmark all your sites, share the good practices and launch new initiatives.

Control Your Energy Flows

Monitor your energy consumption, detect abnormal energy behavior and take action.

Break the Silos

Get a clear view of your organization and implement a hierarchy asset management system.

Simplify Your Administration

Follow your contracts and market price opportunities.

Retail Use Case

Transforming Data into Information for Sustainability Communication with the METRON Solution:

Discover more case studies in Hospitality, Real Estate, and other tertiary sectors are available on demand.

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