METRON is one central digital solution for visualization, monitoring, optimization and AI-modeling of energy performance strategy and decarbonization roadmap.

How Can METRON Help You?

Designed for Multi-National Companies

A unique, worldwide solution that meets all needs, from your organization energy & CO2 strategy to site operation and optimization.

Powering High-Impact Optimizations

Leverage all data-science capacities to identify in-depth and non-intuitive opportunities you couldn’t reach with a basic energy management system.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Everyone

It’s all about engaging your teams with an everyday energy performance tool, sharing the right data, at the right moment, with the right people.

Cost reduction

Everything You Need to Improve Energy & Carbon Perfomance

The main functionalities of METRON are focused on what really matters for your organizations: building one common environment, enabling all teams to act, and reporting on achievements.

Data Acquisition Management

Collect all actionable on-site data ensuring data quality & top security standards.

Energy Performance Monitoring

Visualize, measure and benchmark energy consumption for trustworthy reports and ISO 50001 compliance.

Energy Insights & Analytics

Identify, model and maintain energy optimum and detect energy losses early on.

Advanced Energy Optimization

Deep-dive into complex AI algorithms and get accurate real-time optimizations for complex assets.

Carbon Impact Tracking

Consolidate all carbon impact data, track progress and easily report on your sustainability strategy.

Energy Cost Management

Improve energy costs management by monitoring accounting and forecasting budgets.

The Leading Energy Management & Optimization Solution Trusted by Global Organizations.



Congratulations to the entire METRON team. You all deserve an award for the quality of your collaboration on our projects!

Marc-François VILAIN
Production Performance Director at DANONE



Digitalization at the service of heavy industry: an effective tool for measuring and acting on the energy efficiency of our equipment.

Energy Manager at
ArcelorMittal - Industeel

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Designated as a Leading Solution

METRON has been listed among the most prestigious international technologies as a pioneer and an efficient solution for improving Energy Performance.

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