Facing new energy challenges in the retail sector

On average, energy consumption accounts for three quarters of total energy demand in the retail sector. 

The energy efficiency of a retail site is mainly defined by the technical equipment used and the building itself, but owners and employees can also play a significant role in reducing energy consumption.

One of the main priorities is to get a clear understanding of where energy is most used and the challenges they represent when reducing energy consumption.


transform data into information for sustainability communication

use case carrefour market i belgium

a proactive policy to reduce co2 emissions

Carrefour market Belgium is the largest retailer in Belgium with 593 stores and employs over 16,500 people.

As part of its environmental policy, Carrefour market Belgium needed to consolidate its energy management in order to improve its sustainability reporting and engage communication towards their stakeholders. 


Key Results after 4 months:

  • Cost management (invoice verification, site benchmarking…)
  • Energy monitoring (anomaly detection, smart alarming…)

Our solution allowed the company to identify reduction levers leading to 30% reduction in CO2 emissions & Energy consumption.



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