Facing New Energy Challenges in the Retail Sector

On average, energy consumption accounts for three quarters of total energy demand in the retail sector. 

The energy efficiency of a retail site is mainly defined by the technical equipment used and the building itself, but owners and employees can also play a significant role in reducing energy consumption.

One of the main priorities is to get a clear understanding of where energy is most used and the challenges they represent when reducing energy consumption.

Carrefour Market in Belgium: Transform Data into Information for Sustainability Communication

A Proactive Policy to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Carrefour market Belgium is the largest retailer in Belgium with 593 stores and employs over 16,500 people.

As part of its environmental policy, Carrefour market Belgium needed to consolidate its energy management in order to improve its sustainability reporting and engage communication towards their stakeholders. 


Key Results after 4 months

  • Cost management (invoice verification, site benchmarking…).
  • Energy monitoring (anomaly detection, smart alarming…).

Our solution allowed the company to identify reduction levers leading to 30% reduction in CO2 emissions & Energy consumption.



Auchan France

The Auchan group is present internationally and is one of the leaders in general and specialised trade in Europe. Auchan has 1,495 integrated hypermarkets and supermarkets and a turnover of €37.3 billion. It requires between 2,500 and 22,000 m² of sales area, with a flow of 5,000 to 30,000 customers per day.

Since 2012, METRON has been supporting 125 hypermarkets, 65 shopping malls and 16 Auchan warehouses in France. All these sites are monitored in real time. Consumption anomalies are thus identified and energy reporting to the group's general management is ensured. The METRON solution allows to:

  • Supervise and optimize electricity consumption (mapping by use: HVAC, workshop, lighting, positive and negative cooling, etc.), gas and water consumption.
  • Control, estimate and optimize bills in real time (monthly reports for the management control team).
  • Detect anomalies and organize the energy optimisation programme with the technical managers of each site.
  • Check energy bills and optimize electricity supply contracts by adjusting tariff and technical options.

GreenYellow - Casino

The Casino Group is a retail group in France and throughout the world, with an international presence and among the leaders in Europe. Casino has 11,745 shops, including 9,450 in France, and a turnover of €34.32 billion. The sales area is between 2,500 and 22,000 m², with a flow of 5,000 to 30,000 customers per day.

Since 2011, METRON has been supporting Casino's Green Yellow subsidiary in France, South America, Indonesia and Africa to:

  • Improve the group's energy performance and monitor 110 hypermarkets in France and numerous supermarkets.
  • Identify the potential savings at each site.
  • Supervise and optimise gas and electricity consumption.
  • Measure and verify the actual effectiveness of the energy performance work carried out.
  • Monitor compliance with the energy consumption reduction targets set for each shop as part of an Energy Performance Contract.
  • Train the managers of the energy subsidiary in order to guarantee their autonomy in the parameterisation and use of the platform in order to ensure optimisation action plans.


Delhaize Group is a Belgian international retail group, active in 8 countries. It has 2,636 shops (85% of which are supermarkets) and employs approximately 136,000 people. In addition to food retailing, which accounts for approximately 95% of turnover, Delhaize Group also acts as a wholesaler.

Since 2002, METRON has been assisting Delhaize throughout Belgium with a variety of assignments:

  • Assistance in negotiating new energy purchase contracts.
  • Monitoring of consumption.
  • Engineering in special techniques for site renovation.
  • Performance monitoring of cooling units.


Media Markt (Saturn Group) is Europe's leading retailer of consumer electronics and household appliances.

Since 2011, METRON has been supporting Media Markt in all 23 shops in Belgium and Luxembourg:

  • Installation of "15-minute" metering systems for electricity, water and gas in each of the shops.
  • Data processing by Mediamarkt using our energy accounting software.
  • Connection of each new shop to the energy accounting platform.

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