From corporate management to operators of your industrial sites,
with METRON Suite®, each actor participates at their own level
to the carbon neutrality objective of your group. 




Your path towards energy performance

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The deployment of our solution around the world is supported by a system of strong territorial alliances, which combine the business expertise and influence of major energy services leaders with METRON's technological power. 

Convinced by its alliance in France with Dalkia in 2017, METRON is expanding its scope with three new major regional alliances in 2020: Edison in Italy, NTT in Japan and SK Gas in South Korea.  

For each alliance, a joint offering is created to adapt to local needs and specificities, and take the industry even further in the energy transition.





About Us

METRON is a French cleantech company specialized in improving energy efficiency, operating performance, and reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

Through its 9 subsidiaries in EMEA, APAC and LATAM, supported by nearly 180 employees, METRON accelerates the greening of 100 international industrial groups throughout the evolution of their digital maturity.