For Risk Management & Cost Optimisation

Predict the energy needs of your sites, continuously optimize your energy purchases, control your budget and manage your coverage risks.



Energy Procurement at the Heart of the Transition

Reducing your supply costs depends on activating operational levers at the heart of your factories, in addition to your purchasing contracts. Digital technology provides new opportunities to reduce consumption and carbon emissions, and facilitates planning as well as consolidated budget management on a daily basis.

Our Digital Platform to Optimize Your Energy Purchases

Be connected to the real consumption of your sites. Thanks to predictive models, anticipate your energy needs and optimize your supply strategy globally.
Use a unique technological base and concretely participate in the decarbonization of your activities.

Reporting & Budget Planning

Thanks to a centralized and consolidated display of all the consumption data of your sites, you can manage all the budgetary aspects related to energy. 

  • Access to reliable data in real time.
  • Consolidated dashboard for the company or by BU / region / site etc.
  • Predictions of consumption contextualized with the operational data of the sites.

Optimizing Energy Costs

Thanks to digital technology and Data Science, you can seize market opportunities by linking price variability to the flexibility of your production sites. With your operational teams, you consume less expensive energy and green your overall consumption mix.

  • Modeling of your contracts.
  • Integration of energy market prices.
  • Management of supply and hedging risks.
  • Dynamic market/supply method/production plan arbitrage (Demand-Side Management).

Carbon Impact

Digital technology allows you to integrate the carbon impact of your supply sources. You enable your organization to green its energy mix by favoring consumption periods covered mainly by renewable energies. 

  • Decarbonization of the energy mix.
  • Simplified carbon impact reporting.


Discover METRON for Multisite Groups

Corporate carbon impact and energy efficiency monitoring are now natively linking on site energy optimization:

  • One unique tool for all your teams.
  • Standardization of practices.
  • Still the most advanced energy optimization capabilities.
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