METRON joins the Parental Act

Equality between women and men is a goal that will be achieved when we take action rather than simply making proclamations. We, entrepreneurs and managers, believe that our companies have a historic role to play in this essential cause. Collective progress, freedom and justice, can only be achieved through equality. We want women to have access to all positions and all responsibilities in the work place. To achieve that, opportunities for work-life balance should be more uniform.

This is why, METRON is very proud to be part of the parental act and commits to offer a 4-week fully paid leave to the second parent upon the birth of a child.

This scheme will be dedicated to all second parents, regardless of gender status, because our society is changing and family models are evolving. It will also compensate salaries at 100% because it is important that financial means to not be a determining factor in being an active parent.

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