Two asian giants, NTT FACILITIES & SK GAS, seek France's METRON technology

METRON, the French Cleantech company that digitalizes factories to reduce their energy consumption by 4 to 15%, has signed two strategic partnerships with NTT FACILITIES, part of the NTT Group, and the SK Group's gas subsidiary and is thus stepping up its recruitment in Asia.

Already present in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, METRON is now set to perennially establish a long-term presence throughout the continent.

NTT FACILITIES and SK GAS, two major industrial players

As a subsidiary of the third largest Korean conglomerate, SK GAS is one of Asia's most prominent energy leaders. After 2 years of pilot projects carried out with key Korean industry actors and in view of their first results and their direct impact on the competitiveness of these companies, METRON’s solutions are now proposed to the industrial sites operated by SK Gas customers worldwide.

As for NTT, the historical Japanese operator, it is the leading telecommunications actor. With the help of its subsidiary NTT FACILITIES, it is intent in differentiating its offer on the market by proposing the French technology to all its customers.

As the Asian continent emerges from an extended lockdown period and companies resume their activities, the first lesson of the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be the common will to act differently, particularly in ecological terms.

These two partnerships thus consolidate METRON's growth, which is targeting 10 million euros in revenues next year, leading to the recruitment of 70 employees, 20 of which will be based in the Asian offices.

Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON said: "The signing of these two partnerships in this particular context is proof that an extensive awareness is emerging. Environment is now at the center of corporates’ strategies and Asia is, once again, demonstrating that it is a global frontrunner.”

METRON's ambition: to become the first French Cleantech unicorn

METRON has been growing for the past 7 years, with unprecedented high speed. It has:

  • more than 120 employees,
  • distributed METRON’s solutions to more than 100 industrial groups worldwide, including Danone, Imerys and ArcelorMittal,
  • 9 international locations (Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and France),
  • raised 20 million euros in capital-raising,
  • won an international distinction by joining the Global Cleantech 100, a worldwide ranking of the 100 key players of tomorrow for the energy transition;
  • a nomination by KPMG as one of the 40 tech companies most likely to go public;
  • an election as one of the 10 New Energy Pioneers 2019 at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York.

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