Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON, inspires policymakers at the International Energy Agency

Every year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) hosts a week-long training program for policymakers on the topic of Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies (E4 Program). The E4 Program was designed for experts and officials of the six largest energy consuming economies of the developing world, namely Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Africa. The idea is for participants to learn and collaborate on all aspects of their clean energy transition to enable a secure and sustainable energy management.

One of the main challenges of developing countries is to mix economic growth with sustainability in their development, two aspects that are often seen as mutually exclusive. On the first day of the program, Vincent Sciandra presented the potential of METRON’s technology in solving this challenge.


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Q&A session after the presentations. From left to right: Jean-Jacques Marchais (Schneider Electric), Vincent Sciandra (METRON), Melanie Slade (IEA, moderator), and Julie Kjestrup (Danfoss).


Combining artificial intelligence, digitalization, and human energy expertise, METRON’s platform solution is able to optimize energy systems on any industrial site. This large-scale optimization allows for significant carbon emissions reductions while offering quick economic gains for clients. In Vincent’s own words: “We sell results, in less than 12 months, industrials have a payback for the solution”. That way METRON’s technology is ideal to bridge the gap between a strong and stable industrial growth, and a greener production.

The relevance of artificial intelligence for energy efficiency was well-received by the audience of policy experts as an efficient way to decarbonize their economy without impacting their output.


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