Buencafé: How to Move Towards Industry 4.0 with Energy Management?

Buencafé is a Colombian coffee producer. Juan Carlos Garrido is the environmental coordinator of the Buencafé freeze-dried coffee factory in Colombia. Their production is distributed in more than 60 countries around the world and is equivalent to putting a cup of coffee in the hands of 23 million people every day. Juan Carlos Garrido is the Environmental coordinator at Buencafé.


The Energy Management strategy of Buencafé

Back in 2009, Buencafé set up an energy management committee to continuously improve and optimise the use of their resources. They have now wanted to move towards digital transformation and Industry 4.0. They chose the METRON solution, "a stable, reliable and robust platform to connect to all our available information".


METRON, Industry 4.0 energy management

Buencafé has chosen to focus on its main energy consumers: refrigeration systems and steam generation systems.

For refrigeration, they have first analysed and have monitored the variables. Then they have made adjustments to achieve savings.

For steam generation, Buencafé has used the digital twin to run simulations and learn about the efficiency of their boiler. Monitoring has allowed them to visualise later how these results were achieved.

Finally, Buencafé has used METRON in the analysis of energy management indicators. All of this aligned with the international standard ISO 500001.

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METRON: a Tool and a Team at the Service of Buencafé

  1. METRON is an intuitive tool. The engineers and technical team were able to develop the platform and move forward in looking for optimisation objectives.
  2. The support from METRON engineers (experts in energy management, energy efficiency, production processes and data science) has been permanent and important.
  3. Buencafé has received support in monitoring its processes for energy efficiency, energy management and in training multidisciplinary teams. The results are satisfactory.


From global dashboards for multi-site corporations to micro optimizations for plant directors or energy managers, there is a reason why the METRON solution is deployed in over 20,000 sites around the world. See for yourself: