Carvajal: How to Use Energy Data for Your Digital Transformation

Carvajal is the biggest producer of white and writing paper in Colombia. Among its 2 plants, Carvajal has a total of of 6 furnaces, 4 paper machines, 1 enamelling machine, and 2 pulp plants. It also has 3 turbo generators so its energy demand is quite high.

Henri Salinas is an automation and process control engineer.

Manage your energy consumption better

Before METRON, Carvajal had an integrated information system but could not extract the information. They had no models to help them manage energy or identify opportunities for improvement, especially in terms of consumption.

However, they had been integrating all their control system data into a centralized system with history for several years.


Implementation and integration of the platform

Thanks to their data history, when METRON arrived, Carvajal's teams were able to access information quickly. This is essential in a digital transformation project.

METRON experts then assisted them in identifying opportunities and, above all, in developing models to obtain results from their history.


Examples of initiatives taken

From an energy point of view, there are two very important initiatives that were completed:

  1. Import-export in the context of energy cogeneration.
  2. Measuring the online efficiency of the boiler.

But also other initiatives such as the consumption of chemicals, especially in the bleaching process of the paper machine and in the pulp.

A less quantifiable result has been the development of tools to assess process variability and measures to maintain process stability, initially the machines.

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  1. If you want to implement a system like this, you need to have information. This is the raw material to work with.
  2. Change management: the team has to be receptive to METRON, the employees have to see that it is a tool that they are going to have at their disposal and that is going to help them do their work.