Pochet : Manage the energy consumption and carbon footprint, product by product

Pochet et METRON

Benoit Marszalek, Operations Director at Pochet du Courval, talks about the company's decarbonization strategy and METRON's support.


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Benoit Marszalek (Operations Director) and Jean-Charles Vitaux (BETN Technician) discuss the synergy between Pochet du Courval and METRON.

The Pochet Group, a key partner of the Luxury and Beauty industry, four centuries old, uses the METRON solution to manage all of its energy consumption (gas, water, electricity).

This digitalized management solution, at the cutting edge of innovation, allows the Pochet Group to reduce its carbon footprint but also that of its clients, including Chanel, which initiated this project.

This 100% French industrial partnership between a luxury house, a centuries-old industrial group and a cleantech flagship offers a concrete and immediately applicable solution to reduce the environmental impact of the luxury and beauty industry.


From global dashboards for multi-site corporations to micro optimizations for plant directors or energy managers, there is a reason why the METRON solution is deployed in over 20,000 sites around the world. See for yourself: