Tertiary sector: how to manage the risks associated with the energy budget?

Olivier Georges, Product Solution Manager, Jean-François Potelle, Managing Director Tertiary, and Camille Chapalain, Head of Operations Energy Management Branch, present during this webinar:

  • How to assess the impact of energy markets on your budget?
  • How to forecast your company's monthly and annual budget landing accurately?
  • How to benefit from incentives?
  • How to optimise your contracts and reduce your overall energy costs?
  • How to simulate the impact of new legislation on your energy budgets?

The webinar is followed by a question and answer session.

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The keys to good energy budget management

  1. Identify large consumers, benchmark them against the best sites and apply best practices to reduce consumption.
  2. Identify energy deviations, alert in real time and send reports to the right people.
  3. Aggregate financial and market data.
  4. Monitor the ROI of investments.
  5. Control billing.


From global dashboards for multi-site corporations to micro optimizations for plant directors or energy managers, there is a reason why the METRON solution is deployed in over 20,000 sites around the world. See for yourself: