The Hunt for Energy Waste Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

PODCAST Neftys - Vincent Sciandra looks back on his entrepreneurial adventure and the first years of METRON.

Helping manufacturers to reduce their energy consumption thanks to a technological platform? It is possible. The METRON solution captures existing on-site data and creates predictive models to help manufacturers better understand their plant functioning, and to find energy performance levers while producing just as much, of the same quality.

"The complexity of the industrial tool makes it, by definition, a challenge to optimize. Our strength is to start with what already exists. We do not install new machines or new sensors. We capture information at the source. This is a key point for manufacturers" - Vincent Sciandra CEO of METRON

In the industrial sector, the barrier to entry is extremely high for beginner players. Developing technologies to go further and cross the worlds of data, energy and industry to find new disruptive solutions is a major challenge. In 2013, METRON had to convince people that data could be used to create optimization opportunities. The evangelization work was enormous to access the first factories.

"Not being aware of these barriers to entry helped us to overcome them" - Vincent Sciandra, CEO METRON. "Finding not only pilot customers but also ambassadors to co-construct our solution was a founding element for METRON."

Founded in 2013, METRON was able to quickly build itself in the energy intelligence market through its innovative spirit and team of energy and data science experts. Present on 3 continents, the startup is accelerating its development with the opening of new markets: Russia, United States, etc.


To learn more about the genesis of METRON, from first customer signing, who played a key ambassadorial role in bringing other manufacturers on board, to its international development, listen to the full Neftys podcast.