METRON - Choiseul City of Tomorrow 2022 Ranking

On September 8th, 2022, Vincent Sciandra, CEO and Founder of Metron Was Selected in the Choiseul City of Tomorrow Ranking.

The fifth edition of the Choiseul City of Tomorrow Ranking was unveiled on September 8th, bringing together young leaders who, through their activity and expertise, offer an active contribution to the construction of the city of the future on a national scale.

"With METRON and all the METRONers, I am proud to carry the voice of energy digitalization in the city of tomorrow. I am particularly pleased to find Vincent BRYANT of Deepki at the top of this ranking, one of the pioneers with us of digital for energy efficiency and decarbonization of territories," said Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON.

Choiseul City of Tomorrow ranking

The selection of Vincent Sciandra in this Ranking is the result of METRON's opening to the tertiary and public services markets, initiated a year ago with the acquisition of the Belgian company Dapesco.