METRON signs the Parity Pact from French Tech

After launching its Parental Act back in 2020, METRON is proud to pursue its commitment to equality between women and men by signing the Parity Pact of the French Tech, launched on May 31, 2022. 


Vincent Sciandra, co-founder and CEO of METRON: 

"At METRON we are convinced that working for gender equality requires daily actions and concrete commitments. The Parental Act was a first step but we wanted to go even further. By signing the French Tech Parity Pact, our ambition is to accelerate gender diversity and promote the essential role of women in the tech and industrial sectors. "

Co-constructed with the start-ups of the Next40 and the French Tech 120, the Parity Pact brings together commitments already signed by 69 companies, i.e. more than half of the Next40/French Tech 120. 

Gender equality being identified as a key commitment of French government for the next five years, this pact includes ambitious and precise commitments to significantly and sustainably advance gender equality in the French start-up ecosystem, including:

  • Reaching a minimum threshold of 20% of women on the company's board by 2025, then 40% by 2028.
  • Training 100% of managers on diversity issues and the fight against discrimination and harassment by the end of 2022.
  • Guaranteeing from now on that 100% of the job descriptions published by the company are aimed at both male and female profiles.
  • Setting up a parity team of female and male representatives who will speak on behalf of the company.
  • Establish specific support for each employee returning from parental leave by the end of 2022.

Fanny Leygnac, Head of HR:

"The signing of this pact formalizes our ongoing commitment to work for more parity. As a fast-growing scale-up company, it is our responsibility to encourage young female talents to take up technological and scientific careers and to promote their accession to management roles. We are all convinced that diversity of profiles is a source of creativity, performance and well-being at work, and this is what we wish to make real through this pact. "

Through this pact, METRON undertakes to respect and promote these commitments within its organization and to take an active approach to the fight against discrimination and harassment, so that professional equality between women and men is translated into concrete and measurable actions.