METRON Wins Innovation Prize in South Korea

Smart Factory Awards

METRON won the corporate innovation grand prize in the energy management solution sector at the '2021 Smart Factory Awards' ceremony held on October 20 in South Korea.

The '2021 Smart Factory Award' selects people, local governments, public institutions, and companies who have raised the competitiveness of the domestic manufacturing industry through smart manufacturing innovation during the year and contributed to the revitalization of the smart factory, which is attracting attention as a new growth engine.

Recently deployed in the Korean market, METRON is one of the companies that stands out in the field of AI-based energy efficiency solutions and services, because of our capacity to help reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of multisite groups worldwide.

Founded in 2013, METRON has offices in 10 countries around the world and 200 employees, and is currently providing services to more than 100 factories in 23 countries.

We are honored by the award in recognition of our contribution to the value creation and industrial development of the Korean manufacturing industry based on innovative management and excellent competitiveness.

Going forward, we will expand the energy efficiency business that has been underway by conducting full-scale sales activities to provide collaborative solution services to various Korean industries.

[This article includes text from an edited and translated excerpt written by Industry News Correspondent Choi Jeong-hoon. Source: Industry News]