METRON signs the "Sobriety Commitment" charter

Charte Engagement Sobriété

METRON joins the "Sobriety Commitment." The energy sobriety plan, announced by the French Government on October 6, has led to the establishment of a charter to meet commitments to reduce energy consumption

Supported by the French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, and within the framework of the energy and ecological transition, this charter presents the solutions proposed by digital players in terms of transition. 

The 87 companies that have signed the charter for the "sobriety commitment" are gathered in a directory.

The signatories of this Charter testify to the collective commitment to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption by 10% by 2024.

METRON's EMOS solution, which combines energy management, digitalization and optimization, is aligned with the objectives of consumption control and intends to support companies in this context of unprecedented energy and climate crisis.

METRON, in partnership with Dalkia, BNP Paribas and AWS, launched the Decarb Fast Track program on November 23, 2022, to support the energy efficiency and carbon reduction efforts of industrial companies. This program is included as a case study in the French government's energy efficiency plan.