METRON, a Solar Impulse Label efficient solution

Receiving an award is always a moment of pride, a recognition of the journey. But if there is one award that I particularly see as an encouragement to further develop our solution, it's the Solar Impulse label.

The Solar Impulse label represents a man and a project that are completely... inseparable.

From the beginning, the Solar Impulse project has stood out through its audacity: flying around the world in a solar aeroplane to transform our vision of energy, what a challenge! Today, strengthened by this incredible achievement, the adventure continues and is now moving towards bringing together all the technologies that can effectively transform our energy ecosystem. Bertrand Piccard supports us through inspiration all the way to the achievement of the ecological transition, a challenge as ambitious as his world tour.

I truly follow this philosophy. A company can absolutely change the world. An entrepreneur must think “outside the box” to make their project happen. They must also patiently build, brick by brick, solutions that will make this ambition a reality; as Bertrand Piccard is doing by gathering, one by one, 1000 solutions that can profoundly change the energy paradigm.

METRON makes its contribution, like so many other companies in their field: through our solutions, through the vision that drives us and that we communicate: an accessible, distributed and carbon-free energy for the future, and our belief that digitalisation is the key to its success.

The Solar Impulse label is unique in two ways. It's fully independent, carried by highly qualified experts who study both the technological and commercial viability of the solutions: making it a benchmark for ecological transition companies. Moreover, this label is designed to be global, natively developed in view of international deployment, and in all sectors of activity. This pragmatic approach guarantees these initiatives will have a significant effect on our planet.

Bertrand Piccard, for any engineer like me, is a source of inspiration. Very ahead of his time and endowed with an extraordinary awareness of the environment, he is developing an incredible drive, and it is with great pride that we join his label, which we will carry and actively help to grow worldwide.

The fact that our METRON-Factory solution has joined the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 efficient and profitable solutions is an honour but also a responsibility.

Now more than ever, with the METRON teams, we must stay on track, as we have done so far. This duty to succeed is an additional motivation to live up to the trust placed in us.

Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON