Thanks to the global coverage of AWS, METRON can implement its SaaS platform to provide complete visibility of energy management and optimization opportunities (Energy Management & Optimization System) to international Groups.


Get to know why METRON has become partner of AWS…

The World Is the Limit

AWS Global coverage is a strategic component to match our customers requirements:

  • Optimization of platform performance and Reduction of servers latency.
  • Local data governance compliance.
  • Local data storage for specific sites.

Great Scalability

Thanks to the automation and the power of the AWS cloud, METRON can open a new region in less than an hour and deploy a new platform for an industrial site in 10 minutes. This brings serenity to both customers and our infrastructure teams.

Your Data Security, Our Priority

Each customer benefits from an isolated stack of AWS services that includes Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). This stack is replicated in 3 data centers within the same region for guaranteed service continuity.

Greener Energy for the Lowest Impact

Amazon Web Services is very committed to renewable energy. Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, enable improved management and scheduling of used cloud resources by taking advantage of unused EC2 capabilities in the AWS Cloud, to reduce carbon impact.

“ With AWS, we have found a mature worldwide cloud provider to support our multi-site customers with the same performance all around the world.“

Mickaël Labit, CTO METRON

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