Iron & Steel in France : How Arcelormittal Saved €340k by Optimizing Energy Management ?

ArcelorMittal, world leader in the steel industry, wanted to optimize the energy performance of one of its Industeel plants in France.

To meet this challenge, ArcelorMittal chose the METRON EMOS solution and now benefits from continuous real-time monitoring and automated reporting of its energy consumption and flows.

The deployment of our energy intelligence platform and the collaboration between METRON experts and ArcelorMittal's operational teams have made it possible for this plant to reduce its energy budget and the working time of its operators, for the same production volume. This saving amounts to 340k€ in 12 months.

Digitalization at the service of heavy industry: an effective tool for measuring and acting on the energy efficiency of our equipment.

Frédéric GEFFRAYE, Energy Manager at ArcelorMittal - Industeel

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Paper in Colombia : How Can You Save Up 4.5% Of Your Steam Consumption ?

Committed to the results of its various products and services, a Colombian paper manufacturer chose METRON to reduce its steam consumption without investment and while maintaining quality, by optimizing the chemical retention dosage in the drying process.

The deployment of the energy intelligence platform and the collaboration between METRON's energy experts and the client's operational teams allowed the mill to save time and reduce its energy budget for the same consumption, totaling -$190,000 per year on energy and chemical bills, while maintaining the same quality and production.

Cement in Brasil : Implementing a Digital Solution to Save Up $78k in 1 Year

In this highly digitalized Brazilian cement plant, three mills are used to produce three types of cement, with a total production of 807,000 tons per year.

The cement plant wanted to meet a double objective: optimize the efficiency of the mills and plan their production according to market prices.

This has been achieved thanks to the deployment of our digitalized Energy Management system, which has provided: a holistic view of the plant, personalized dashboards by taking into account all the influencing factors to save time, reduce costs and improve collaboration. 

The result? Estimated energy savings of 1,800 MWh per year for the three mills, which equates to a projected $78,000 reduction in annual electricity bills. 

In addition to the gains from improved energy efficiency, the site is benefiting from a Demand Side Management solution, which also allows it to optimize its planning with respect to energy prices.

Glass in France : How to Save €250k in 1 Year on the Energy Budget from the Glass Furnace ?

One of the main French producers of hollow glass bottles wanted to optimize the energy performance of its industrial process without any investment.

METRON's solution enabled the company to digitalize and contextualize its data by taking into account all the influencing factors, and then to model the area to be optimized: the glass furnaces. 

The manufacturer now benefits from real-time monitoring, enhanced control of its flexible parameters and alerts in case of deviations. It also receives suggestions for optimizing the setting of its furnaces according to production objectives.  

The result? 10 GWh of electricity savings in 1 year, which is equivalent to a €250,000 saving on its energy bill, as well as a reduction in its carbon emissions of 1,900 tons per year.

Congratulations to the entire METRON team. You all deserve an award for the quality of your collaboration on our projects!

Marc-François VILAIN
Production Performance Director at DANONE

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