[White Paper] Demand Side Management: An Opportunity to Seize!

At a time when energy production must integrate renewables, consumption is being rethought. Now, a more flexible management model is needed: Demand Side Management (DSM). Are you familiar with this kind of system and the benefits it offers? To help you master flexibility, our experts have deciphered the subject in a white paper.


Demand Side Management, a Solution for Energy Intensive Industries

The chemical and metallurgical industries, cement and paper factories, as well as the food industry are all sectors that are looking for solutions to optimize their energy performance.

In such a context, the control of flexibility allows to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Diminish carbon emissions
  • Develop renewable energy


A White Paper to Guide You

Key Factors for Success

The traditional model, in which production adapts to needs, is no longer sufficient: it is now the consumers who must modify their energy levels and consumption to find a new balance.

To achieve this, certain factors are essential, such as the flexibility of your production apparatus. We analyze them in this white paper, with examples of levers to activate, sometimes even without investment.


To simplify and accelerate the adjustment of your consumption according to the variation of energy prices, certain key points are essential.

  • The sharing and centralization of the right information with your teams
  • The identification of flexibilities that can be mobilized and their evaluation through simulation
  • The implementation of recommendations and adjustments

Do you want to reduce your energy supply costs, your carbon consumption, and better integrate renewable energy into your energy mix? In this white paper, discover how you can achieve these results by deploying a digital solution adapted to DSM.