METRON and ECOGEN BRASIL Launch a Platform to Reduce Energy Expenses in the Industrial Sector by up to 30%

ecogen powered by metron

ECOGEN 360° aims to optimize, pilot, and improve the management of energy consumption for industrials and various other sectors. This ECOGEN solution uses digitalization and data to improve energy efficiency and the decarbonization of activities.

As a leading Brazilian player in energy solutions and services of the Mitsui Group, ECOGEN partners with METRON, a French cleantech created in 2013, to launch ECOGEN 360° in the Brazilian market. By combining the METRON solution with other ECOGEN solutions, this partnership aims to reduce energy consumption and associated costs for companies by up to 30%. The METRON solution empowers companies to optimize their production and energy consumption through detailed real-time data analysis, enabling rapid corrective actions.

ECOGEN 360° combines ECOGEN Brazil's 20 years of experience in the Brazilian market with METRON's international expertise. This partnership guarantees ECOGEN the exclusive use of the METRON platform in the Brazilian market and foresees an investment of approximately R$ 6 million in this new solution. The idea of this platform was born from ECOGEN's desire to provide greater value to its customers through digitalization and data. Already used by 200 customers worldwide on more than 200, 000 sites, the METRON platform is now integrated into the ECOGEN Brazil offer and benefits from all the knowledge and technical expertise of ECOGEN in its territory. 

The deployment of the METRON solution through ECOGEN 360° is carried out in several stages at the customer's site. First, an audit of the company's digital and energy maturity is performed. The platform and indicators are then set up to collect and centralize the data. Using a descriptive and predictive model based on machine learning, information about the company's context is used to identify energy efficiency improvement and decarbonization opportunities based on their profitability and impact on the business. 

"From our market expertise, we have found that there are a growing number of companies looking to reduce their energy spend and have set a goal to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. With Ecogen 360°, we offer them the opportunity to quickly identify areas for improvement in their production processes. We combine intelligent data analysis with the knowledge of technical experts to bring our customers more efficiency and competitiveness," said Luiz Cabral, CEO of ECOGEN.

"We have developed a solution that generates more value for businesses through data. Using the concepts of big data, IoT and Industry 4.0 we aim to provide the best possible use of energy-related inputs and help our customers achieve their decarbonization goals," said Ana Keller Lekitsch, Head of Marketing, Innovation and ESG at ECOGEN.

"We are very excited about this partnership with ECOGEN Brasil and to strengthen our presence in the Brazilian market, the largest energy consumer in South America. This new alliance is a concrete demonstration of the role that digitalization can play in accelerating the energy transition in Latin America. I would like to thank the teams of Mitsui & Co. Group, Ltd. for their trust and hope that this first step can pave the way for a broader global cooperation," says Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON.

About Ecogen Brasil

Ecogen Brasil is a leading Brazilian company in the development, implementation, and management of customized solutions in the energy and utilities sector. Through the expertise of its professionals and its significant investments in technology and innovation, Ecogen promotes economically attractive and environmentally responsible solutions that generate reliability, efficiency, and cost optimization for customers in various segments such as the industrial sector, commerce, hospitals, data centers and others. Since 2012, Ecogen has been 100% acquired by Mitsui & Co, Ltd, a giant Japanese conglomerate with operations in more than 66 countries and investments of more than US$10 billion in various business areas.

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METRON is a French cleantech company whose purpose is to digitalize energy to decarbonize territories. The software solution developed by METRON enables companies in all sectors to analyze and optimize their energy consumption in real time and reduce their carbon footprint. Founded in 2013 in Paris, METRON has 150 employees worldwide. Key players in the energy sector have recognized METRON as a global game changer: ranked in the "Global Cleantech 100" in 2022 (San Francisco) and French Tech Green20 in 2021 and 2022, and awarded by BloombergNEF (New York) in 2019, among others. METRON's solution is also a certified "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" for the world. 

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