Greening the economy through technology: METRON's commitment

In the March 4, 2021 edition, L'Opinion looks back at the first publication of the Observatory of the Greening of the Economy, and interviews Vincent Sciandra on his vision and responses to the challenges of decarbonizing territories. Discover the content of this article in brief or find the full interview on the Opinion website.

Whether they come from industry, investors, public authorities, opinion leaders, mobility or digital players... concrete solutions exist to green our territories. Companies are constantly working to deploy these solutions. Among them, METRON CleanTech, a French company founded in 2013, aims to digitize energy to decarbonize territories.

As Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON, said in an interview with L'Opinion: "You can use all the sustainable and nuclear energy you want, but you’ll still have to reduce the energy consumption! Techniques exist".

Exploiting the intelligence of data to help manufacturers better understand their energy consumption and carry out optimization actions is a challenge, explains Vincent Sciandra. But by bringing transparency to the plant, we are moving towards greater energy efficiency. The important thing is to start acting now.

Vincent Sciandra told L'Opinion, "You have to look at what can be put in place right away, by investing in technology to improve the things as they are... We need to modernize factories, digitize and support the development of concrete solutions for a global commitment."

To move forward on this trajectory, METRON has launched The Observatory of the Greening of the Economy. The objective of this manifesto? To highlight fourteen solutions for decarbonizing the economy, and to design together the world we want to pass on to future generations.

Read the full interview with Vincent Sciandra in L'Opinion.