International growth and IPO in 2024: overview of METRON's ambitions with Vincent Sciandra

La Tribune February 16, 2021 - Discussions with Vincent Sciandra on METRON's ambitions.

Following the 2015 law on energy transition for green growth, hydrogen was perceived as a potential miracle solution: a green energy that would considerably reduce emissions. However, it is only expected to pay off within 10 years. Alternatives are needed to act now and decarbonize energy-intensive sectors.

This is the mission chosen by METRON. Combining the digitization of data and human expertise with the computing power of Data Science, this French Cleantech, founded in 2013, provides the transparency necessary for manufacturers to standardize, operate and measure their energy performance strategy across all group entities in order to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

"Becoming the leading independent player in energy efficiency through data is our ambition." - Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON.

Collecting, cross-referencing and contextualizing data that have a direct impact on production processes, allows to monitor and optimize energy consumption, while maintaining the same level of quality and productivity. These energy efficiency gains have a significant impact on the expenses of manufacturers, who are forced to be ever more competitive.

"For the past year and a half, all manufacturers have been concerned about their carbon footprint and are investing to accelerate their energy transition," notes Vincent Sciandra.

Driven by this fast-growing market and the confidence of more than 100 manufacturers worldwide, METRON expects to grow by 70% in 2020. A series B is currently being prepared to finance the opening of new subsidiaries (Russia, USA) and technological investments. METRON plans to go public within 3 years. This is an ambitious goal, but one that reflects the company's desire to be the reference digital solution for manufacturers.

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