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Energy Management and Optimization Solution (EMOS)

The METRON EMOS is a smart software that allows you to visualize your energy data with more precision and help you make efficiency improvements. The experts behind our solution support you all along your journey to achieve your sustainability goals.

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We digitalize energy to decarbonize territories

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Founded in 2013 in Paris, METRON is a French cleantech company whose raison d'être is to digitalize energy in order to decarbonize. The software solution developed by METRON enables companies in all business sectors to analyze and optimize their energy consumption in real time and reduce their carbon footprint.

Key players in the energy sector have recognized METRON as a global game-changer: ranked in the Global Cleantech 100; in 2022 (San Francisco) and French Tech Green20 in 2021 and 2022 and FrenchTech 2030 in 2023, and awarded by BloombergNEF (New-York) in 2019, among others. The METRON solution is also certified Solar Impulse Efficient Solution for the world.

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