[Testimonial] AptarGroup, Decarb Fast Track Pioneer


Published 02/05/2023

Aptar: Global Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry Joins the Decarb Fast Track Program

AptarGroup, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of a range of drug and consumer product distribution, sealing, and active packaging solutions and services. 

Aptar's Annecy site is among the first pioneers to join the Decarb Fast Track program.

Benjamin Ozanne, Head of General Resources and Energy Manager for the AptarGroup, talks about the company's decarbonization strategy and the group's motivations for joining Decarb Fast Track.

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Photo credits: Xavier Granet

Benjamin Ozanne, General Resources Manager and Energy Manager for the AptarGroup, talks about his participation in the Decarb Fast Track program.


Can you Introduce Aptar Pharma and Its Activities?

The company operates through three segments: Aptar Pharma, Aptar Beauty and Aptar Closures. Aptar Pharma includes businesses that sell dispensing systems and sealing solutions and also manufactures and sells primary elastomeric packaging components. The company's products include closures for infusions, antibiotics, lyophilization, and diagnostic vials. The Aptar Beauty segment includes businesses that sell dispensing systems, drug delivery systems, sealing solutions, and services to the prescription drug, consumer healthcare, injectables, and active materials science markets. The Aptar Closures business serves many markets, including food, beverage, personal care, home care, beauty and healthcare. This segment offers food protection and elastomeric flow control technology.

Aptar has more than 14,000 employees in 20 countries with 50 industrial sites.


How is Energy a Strategic Issue in Your Business?


With more than 50 industrial sites, Aptar is a significant energy consumer. In June 2020, the AptarGroup formalized science-based targets, to commit to a reduction in emissions of less than 2° Celsius by 2030.

Aptar is committed to reducing absolute GHG emissions from Scopes 1 and 2 by 28% by 2030 in comparison to a 2019 baseline. AptarGroup commits to increasing its annual renewable electricity supply from 57% in 2019 to 100% by 2030.

It's a big challenge, but we will succeed.

Industrie pharmaceutique


What Are the Main Pillars of Aptar's Decarbonization Strategy?

It should be recognized that the AptarGroup in France was the first industrial company to operate using 100% green energy, from hydraulic dams. Today, we are working on several areas as part of our decarbonization strategy, including:

Product design

Transformation of materials

Fugitive emissions

Transport and packaging of goods

Employee travel



Why Did You Join the Decarb Fast Track Program? What Are Your Expectations?

The Decarb Fast Track program is a challenge, and at Aptar we like challenges!

Joining the Decarb Fast Track program will allow one of our sites to accelerate its energy approach, with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions within 24 months, and the implementation of three major actions. There are differences between our sites in terms of energy performance, and this site has been identified as having a high potential for reducing CO2 emissions. The priority objective is to improve energy performance on the gas side. The Aptar Annecy site is the largest gas consumer of all of our industrial sites.

We joined Decarb Fast Track to be able to benefit from the power and community of other industrial companies, so that we can initiate energy saving measures that we are not aware of at this time. Together we are stronger.

By participating in the Decarb Fast Track program, we have the opportunity to participate with a group of French manufacturers in the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We will be able to benefit from the feedback from each of the program's sites so that we can draw inspiration from them for our own industrial site. The fact that we are working with different manufacturers from different businesses and sectors will enable us to initiate more approaches than we have been able to implement on our site in recent years. We will find the same problems concerning gas consumption to heat buildings and, in cooperation with several industrialists and energy experts, we will be able to set up initiatives.

Decarb Fast Track is a very positive thing for the French industry, to reduce our energy consumption, to reduce our CO2 emissions, and it is a very good opportunity for the AptarGroup.


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AptarGroup, a manufacturer of drug and consumer product distribution solutions and services, has joined the Decarb Fast Track program. The program aims to help players in the industrial sector reduce their CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

By joining Decarb Fast Track, Aptar hopes to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and has a decarbonization strategy in place, working on several areas.

METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS, and Amazon Web Services launched Decarb Fast Track, an innovative program that promotes industry decarbonization and sobriety through energy savings.