[Testimonial] Buencafé and the METRON Solution, towards an Industry 4.0

Buencafé, a Colombian company committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability, has been one of the world's leading suppliers of soluble coffee since 1973. In order to meet the needs of their customers, Buencafé favors safe, authentic, and high quality products.

The implementation of an energy management committee is part of this strategy of continuous improvement and optimization of resources. To achieve this, Buencafé wants to make its digital transformation and move towards Industry 4.0.

Juan Carlos Garrido is the environmental coordinator of the Buencafé freeze-dried coffee plant in Columbia. The plant is at the heart of Colombian coffee cultivation. It is where Buencafé produces freeze-dried coffee, coffee extract, and coffee oil that reaches more than 60 countries globally, equivalent to putting more than 23 million cups of coffee daily for everyone in the world.

He tells us how they were able to reduce their energy consumption thanks to the METRON solution. You can watch the full testimonial here.

Why did you choose METRON, and what drew your attention to their value proposition?

Our trend analysis found that digital transformation and Industry 4.0 were an evolving need for all of us and all our technologies. We discovered that METRON presented a value offering aligned with that, providing a stable, reliable, and robust platform to connect to all our available information.

Can you share examples of initiatives carried out and the tangible and intangible results obtained?

At Buencafé, within our energy management context, we focus on our primary energy consumers: the refrigeration systems and the steam generation systems from the point of view of generation and users. In refrigeration, we have analyzed and monitored the variables.

« Then, we have made adjustments of these variables to obtain savings from the energy and the economic points of view.»

Juan Carlos Garrido, Environmental coordinator of the Buencafé factory

We have made characterizations regarding steam generation and learned from the platform about our boilers' efficiency, which has allowed us to create a digital twin.

We have made simulations and subsequent monitoring to visualize how we achieved these results.

In your experience with METRON, what were the keys to success? Do you have any advice to give to other industrialists wishing to implement an energy management system?

Three essential points that I would like to highlight:

METRON is an intuitive tool, which has allowed us, both engineers and technical team, to make developments in the platform and move forward in search of optimization objectives.

Another critical point is the support we have received from the company METRON.

« Effectively, experts in energy management, energy efficiency, production processes.»

Juan Carlos Garrido, Environmental coordinator of the Buencafé factory

They give us an experience in data science. There has been permanent and essential support for us.

And another key to success has been all the support Buencafé has had to monitor our processes from the point of view of energy efficiency, energy management and to form multidisciplinary teams that have allowed us to obtain satisfactory results.