[Infographic] Your guide to Singapore’s NEA EMIS Grant

Singapore’s National Environment Agency, whose responsibility is to improve and sustain a clean and green environment in the state, is offering an Energy Management and Information System (EMIS) grant of up to S$250,000. It will support businesses and industrial facilities that strive to improve their energy management and efficiency. Find out how the program works, the requirements and the eligibility criteria.




Singapore’s Energy Management & Information System Grant in detail

The main objective of Singapore’s National Environment Agency EMIS grant is to encourage companies to put in place an EMIS to promote energy efficiency and manage energy use in a structured manner.
The qualifying costs covered by the grant are:

  • equipment and materials (instruments, data transmission, storage systems, etc.);
  • professional services (engineering, design, programming, etc.);
  • software and IT services (software licensing and cloud-based services).

To be eligible for the NEA EMIS grant, the candidate must be an owner or operator of an industrial facility registered in Singapore and have an industrial facility already sited or to be sited in Singapore.
There are additional requirements for the EMIS supplier (or consultant) and the EMIS itself. The eligible EMIS should cover all significant energy consuming systems and energy streams and the EMIS consultant will have to demonstrate a good track record in implementing EMIS of similar scale and scope.


METRON's value proposition

METRON is a digital-native company dedicated to making industries more sustainable and productive thanks to artificial intelligence. We help industrials reshaping their energy performance by monitoring energy consumptions and optimizing their processes and utilities, with our cloud architecture solution.

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